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About Us

Established with passion to deliver the services that represent your individual brand.

Trusted by global airlines, we ensure reliable service with a delicate touch, to make every flight a memorable experience.

Get To Know Us

BAGS Ground Services Co., Ltd has been in operation since 2008 with a 99% customer retention rate. We embrace your brand with an essential line up of over 2,000 employees, comprehensive ground services and 16 airport service stations at your disposal.


BAGS offers ground services at 14 airports all over Thailand:

What are we all about?

It is our mission to provide world class service to uplift the Thai Aviation Industry Standards, we place our heart into these statements:


  • We will be the leading, most trusted and admired ground services provider in Thailand.
  • We will find opportunities across the aviation industry.
  • We will create more value through realizing the benefits of integration.
  • We will be at the forefront of sustainable practices, contributing to a positive future for our customers, our communities, our investors and ourselves.
Our Qualities


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Meet the Team

Mr. Boonsom Phoungkaew
Managing Director

“BAGS retained its strong market leadership position in ground handling business in Thailand over the year. During the year, we completed a suited of developments, major progress was made on internal process improvements contributing to better meet customer’s need. There was a significant increase over number of our customers. So, we listen their needs, knowing that an unfulfilled need creates the best opportunities and also constantly learn and implement new and better ways, sharing information and ideas effectively. The future ahead, we’d like to manage the company with a range of exciting growth options.”


Ground Service Locations


Ground Service Employees


Trust Us


Flights Serviced Daily


At BAGS, your requirement is our priority.

We challenge the norm to deliver proactive response, precise service with reasonable fees.

Passenger Service

Our passenger services agents would ensure the smooth handling of passengers at departures, arrival, check-in, transfer areas and the boarding gate.


Our “Below the wing employees or Ramp agents” will safely guide planes into gates and push them back out again.

Cargo/Warehouse Service

Every year, million tons of all kind of goods which we handle are transported to all over the world. BAGS strives to deliver all goods to our customers on time and in sound condition.

Load Control, Communications & Flight Operation Services

Coordination of aircraft servicing units and Flight permit applications.

Exterior Cleaning

We established BAGS Clean Up as a specialized division of our company to address a highly specialized need in the aircraft cleaning industry.

Representation, Supervision Services & Station management

Preparing, transmitting and filling reports, statistics, documents related to flights.

GSE Technical

Maintenance of motor vehicles, aircraft ground support systems, materials handling equipment.

Training Center

Training center for ground service personals.

Have a question about the services we offer? Or does your airline have a specific requirement?



BAGS have been accredited with the RA3 certification for ground handling operations and cargo operations at Phuket International Airport in 2014.

In accordance with the “EU Aviation Security Validated Regulated Agents”, an RA3 certification is the Gold Standard for supply chain security initiative designed by the European Union.

With the issuance of the RA3 certification, EU-member states recognize BAGS as a regulated agent, and confirms that it meets the security requirements for ground handling services and screening air cargo and mail entering the EU. This is a highly significant development as it positions BAGS as a regional leader in the aviation services sector, as well as reaffirming Thailand’s position as one of the world’s top aviation hubs.

What our client’s have to say

News & Events

We are proud to share our activities, each of them helps us to improve and stay ahead of the industry.

Let us know if you would like to be a part of our activities.

Contact Us

Let us assist you in fulfilling your specific requirements.


333 LPN Tower 12th Floor, Vibhavadhi-Rangsit Rd. Chom-Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 THAILAND


+66 2 272 2591


+66 2 272 2591


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