BAGS Ground Services Team Attends Thai Aviation Industry Conference 2023

BAGS Ground Services Team Attends Thai Aviation Industry Conference 2023

BAGS Ground Services Team Attends Thai Aviation Industry Conference 2023

Bangkok, Thailand - October 31, 2023

The bustling landscape of Thailand's aviation industry took center stage on October 30, 2023, as the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) organized the 2nd Thai Aviation Industry Seminar under the theme "Resume the Flight Path to a Bright Future." This insightful conference aimed to chart a course for the nation's aviation sector, with notable figures and stakeholders converging to discuss opportunities, challenges, and strategies for the industry's growth.

The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Montri Dechasakulsom, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, who delivered the opening address. Mr. Suttipong Kongpool, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, and Mr. Tao Ma, Regional Director of the International Civil Aviation Organization Branch Office Asia and the Pacific region (ICAO APAC), also graced the event with their presence. More than 400 participants, including representatives from aviation operators, gathered to engage in meaningful discussions.

The highlight of the conference was a comprehensive forum that explored the "New Context of the Aviation Industry, Opportunities, Obstacles, and Challenges." Esteemed figures from the aviation and related sectors shared their insights and exchanged ideas on propelling the Thai aviation industry forward. Key speakers included:

  • Mr. Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, Deputy Governor for European, African, Middle Eastern, and American Markets, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).
  • Mrs. Somsong Sachaphimukh, Deputy President of the Indian Association of Thailand.
  • Mr. Yongyut Lujintanon, representative of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • Mr. Sathapana Promboon, representative of the Board of Investment.
  • Mr. Nitithorn Sukmanus, President of the Thai Air Freight Agents Association (TAFA).

The panel discussion was skillfully moderated by Mr. Krid Pattanasan, Director and Secretary of the Thai Airlines Association.

In the afternoon session, participants split into small groups to delve into specific topics, further enhancing their understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the aviation industry. Discussions encompassed areas such as aviation regulatory system standards, aviation economic supervision, airspace management, unmanned aerial vehicles, and environmental sustainability within the aviation sector.

Among the notable attendees at this remarkable event was the BAGS Ground Services team, who played a role in ensuring the seamless operations of the aviation industry on the ground. Their participation underscored the industry's commitment to collaboration and innovation as it navigates its path towards a brighter future.

The 2nd Thai Aviation Industry Conference served as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, insights, and strategies vital for the sustained growth of Thailand's aviation sector, making it a significant milestone in the industry's journey toward success. With continued collaboration and a focus on innovation, the future of Thai aviation looks promising and secure.

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